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Everything in the seen, and unseen universe has a resonant frequency that operates at its optimum vibration. This includes every physical, emotional, and mental process. The imbalance of our frequencies can result in stress, illness, and dis-ease. However, our frequencies  can be brought into balance through the correct use of other beneficial frequencies, with multiple modalities such as lifestyle changes, colors, flower essences, essential oils, gemstones, nutrients, as well as sound and  music.

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What’s in a Voice? Everything!

Your voice represents the composite frequencies of the human body. VoiceBio captures the pattern of each emotion, organ, gland and system. The resulting voiceprint reveals frequency patterns in the body, which allows you to not only understand the root cause of the physical-emotional energetic imbalances, but also allows you to see which areas of your body need support because of exhaustion and which areas need stimulation.

Here is How it Works in Three Easy Steps!

First Step - The VoiceBio Software

Using a specially designed unidirectional microphone connected to the VoiceBio software program, you will respond to three brief questions, which will capture your composite energetic make-up.

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Second Step - The Voiceprint

VoiceBio will generate your voiceprint bar graph corresponding to a range of heavy and weak areas in the body. The voiceprint serves as guide to improved health, regeneration and increased energy.


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Third Step - Voiceprint Analysis and Holistic Suggestions

Once the assessment of the Voiceprint has been analyzed, your are provided with a variety of holistic suggestions for for supporting and boosting weak frequencies and bringing down heavy frequencies.

These are the 'Pills' of SoundPill.

Small Sample of Frequencies in the Body

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Sample Note Card when the Note of B is Low


Sample Note Card when the Note of G# is Low


The 'Pills'

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Frequencies of Essential Oils

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Lifestyle Suggestions



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Frequencies of Flower Essences

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Frequencies of Gemstones 

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Color Frequencies

Additional Support Include Wholistic Practices
such as:
Working with the Voice and Breath (Pranayama),
Sound Meditation, Mudras (Energetic Hand Gestures), Mantras, Chants &
Brainwave Entrainment Using Technology of Binaural Beats and Hemispheric Synchronization.

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Binaural Beats and
Brain Hemispheric Synchronization

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Cymatics -The Art of Sound

Images from a Cymascope, used in the field of cymatics,

allowing for the scientific observation of visible frequencies of sound.

This is just one example of how sound and music resonates within you!

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About Me

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As a certified Sound Therapist, SoundPill is the result of my lifelong work to integrate the musical arts, sciences, and holistic health. This has lead me to the field as a Sound Therapy. 

I am also an Educator, Keyboardist, Vocalist, Director/Conductor, Arranger/Composer, Trombonist, and Ethno-musicologist, and presently the Department Chair of the Vocal Department at Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12. An internationally renown school of the arts. Additional experience and achievements include:


Two-time Fulbright-Hays Scholar recipient in Brazil and Ethiopia.


Teacher/music facilitator in Poland with Classrooms without Borders.


Bridging Cultures, an educational collaborative through the State Department, in conjunction with the African Studies Program at the University of Illinois, consisting of 20 international educators and 7 educators from the United States; discussing issues pertaining to international and multicultural education.


Presently online Instructor at Globe Institute of Sound and Consciousness in Applied Music Theory for Healing 


Let's Talk and Hear What Your Voice Has to Say!


Accurate Results Online

 Voice Prints still remain accurate using remote technology such as mobile devices and computer speakers; domestically and internationally.

Disclaimer: The Content of this website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.