VoiceBio is the perfect program to work with at this time, since it adheres to the safety measures of social distancing. Voice Prints still remain accurate using remote technology such as mobile devices and computer speakers; domestically and internationally.

SoundPill assesses the energetic make-up of clients using a computer-based voice assessment tool called VoiceBio. Clients are then given practical tools for balance, using sound, music, frequencies and holistic recommendations.

Also known as Voice Analysis Harmony - VAH

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About SoundPill

SoundPill specializes in the care of handling various mixtures, combinations, and formulas of sound, music, and frequencies for health and well-being. In order to pursue the best path for our clients, we must first determine the frequency-based make-up of the individual. The traditional tools for sound healing, such as crystal bowls, tuning forks, etc. are only used once an evaluation/assessment has been made. This is very important, in order to not cause harm to the client.


"Tools are not the center of healing. 

Rather, the need determines what tools will be used."



VoiceBio is a non-invasive, cutting edge program that provides clients with a holographic voice print of their current physical and emotional states. This is illustrated through 12 color-coded corresponding note bars. After analyzing the Voice Print, clients are assisted in regaining energetic homeostasis, and suggestions are made using voice/sound/music-based techniques, and other holistic approaches.

Note Cards

Once the Voice Print and assessment have been completed, the client is provided with Note Cards,

giving suggestions and recommendations for for boosting the lower frequencies. Think of this as your energetic Identification Card.

The Voice Tells You What the Body Already Knows!

What VoiceBio Can Do For You!

The benefits of VoiceBio, include: getting an overall picture of your health; discovering which emotions are holding you back and why; charting a plan for a greater sense of well-being; determining the true source of nagging symptoms; finding out where your physical system is most stressed; and detecting weakness with your health before they cause problems.


SoundPill Tools - The Pills

Images from a Cymascope, used in the field of cymatics,

allowing for the scientific observation of visible frequencies of sound.

This is just one example of how sound and music resonates within all of us!

Sound Gears.png

Use of Breath and the Voice

Breathwork, Humming, Toning, Chanting, Mantras, Singing, Intentional Talk, Sounding Emotions

Electronic and Acoustic Instruments

The quality of sound produced by individual instruments (called Timbre=TAM-ber) and instrument combinations determine the therapeutic impact that they have.  This area of the 'the sound pills' also includes active (left brain) and passive (right brain) listening.

Sound and Light Modalities

Not suitable for everyone; especially those who are sensitive to light, or who have a history of seizures. Sound/Light Machines use flashing lights and pulsing tones, to assist in Brain Wave entrainment; gently guiding the brain into various brainwave states: Beta, Alpha, Theta, & Delta. This is also known audio-visual entrainment.

Cymatics 1.png

About Me

SoundPill is the result of my lifelong work to integrate the musical arts, sciences, and holistic health.


Professional Experience and Accomplishments

Department Chair of the Vocal Department at Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12. I am a keyboardist, Vocalist, Director/Conductor, Arranger/Composer, Trombonist, and Ethno-musicologist.


Two-time Fulbright-Hays Scholar recipient in Brazil (2009) and Ethiopia (2017).


Teacher/music facilitator in Poland with Classroom without Borders (2014)


Bridging Cultures, an educational collaborative through the State Department, in conjunction with the African Studies Program at the University of Illinois, consisting of 20 international educators and 7 educators from the United States; discussing issues pertaining to international and multicultural education. (2016)


 Educational Background

Bachelors degree in music from Indiana University, Bloomington, 

Masters Degree in Ethno-musicology from the University of Pittsburgh, 

Doctoral degree studies in Administrative and Policy Studies at the University of Pittsburgh, 

Sound Healing certificate from Globe Institute of Sound and Consciousness; where I presently teach an online course in Applied Music Theory.





Elisabeth Touaboy

Pittsburgh, PA

 My experience with Gerald and the SoundPill has been one of the most memorable experiences I've had in a long time. Gerald was very flexible and accomodating. His vast knowledge gave me reassured me that I was getting the best service. My vocal reading took place at the best time possible. I received a sense of comfort and assurance during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic - a time of uncertainty and worry. Not only did my voiceprints confirm facts about my health that I already knew, but it also revealed possible reasons for previously unexplained health questions. Furthermore, I was given tangible ways to better my health and didn't feel overwhelmed by the information/recommendations at any point. I recommend Gerald and the SoundPill to anyone searching to change their health and overall quality of life. It's totally worth it! 

Josette Maria J-Baptiste

Photographer/Digital Artist

New Orleans, LA

After contacting Gerald Savage, he responded quickly to my inquiry and was extremely accommodating and flexible. I consider him a Shaman of Sound, with a technique that I never experienced before! He has a unique ability to see where people need to be cleared and healed, and has helped me move so much stagnant energy that was no longer serving my highest good. I would highly recommend anyone with the desire to learn how to heal with sound and music (VoiceBio, among others of his sound techniques) to learn through SoundPill. Gerald Savage embodies what he teaches. He is the real thing, and most importantly, the health benefits are amazing!

Stephanie Miller

Vibro-Acoustic Harpist

Pittsburgh, PA

Gerald Savage has a warm and caring nature as well as a wealth of knowledge regarding sound healing. All of the voice prints that he gave me were spot on.  This was especially apparent on my first voice print for it picked up different aspects of my current state of health that I had not discussed with him, nor would he have known, since it was my first visit.  My first voiceprint also matched my recent bloodwork markups that I had a few days before. For each session, he offered the sound tools that were specific to my immediate needs based on that session's voice print.  The tools can easily be used on a daily basis.  These tools also address stress reduction and are a great help to me.  I highly recommend Gerald Savage and SoundPill.



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