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The patches help to draw out unnecessary waste matter in the body. When one can directly confirm waste matter with the naked eye, one realizes that the body may not be able to discharge waste on its own.  Lymphatic Patches help the body achieve its optimum state of wellness (homeostasis) by supporting improved blood circulation, increased metabolism, activated red blood cells, enhanced quality of sleep, and the absorption of expelled bodily fluids.


People who become fatigued easily, who feel a twinge in the knee-joints, whose hands and feet are cold and become easily swollen, who feel pain or soreness in shoulders, neck or back, who are engaged in physical labor, who stand or drive for a long time, who are interested in preventative healthcare, or convalescence after any health issue.


- HELPS TO: extract Toxins and Wastes from the body; enhance metabolism; energize; relax muscles and alleviate minor pain in the body; improve sleeping quality to awaken refreshed; support normal blood circulation; reduce swelling in the body, upgrade and relieve burden on Immunity system.


Adults have around 400 to 800 man-made chemicals lodged in their bodies. Normal healthy body elimination processes do not remove them all. Foods, drinks, breathing, medications, stress, metabolism, disease, personal products applied to skin, synthetics, home and workplace chemicals contribute to the body’s toxic load which accumulates daily and builds up over the years. This can lead to degenerative disease. For effective natural immunity that has evolved over countless centuries, the body needs to reach a balance between excretion of toxins and absorption of nutrients and water.



Lymphatic Patches ingredients include 2% Agaricus mushroom containing ample amounts of glucagons, the major ingredient in cancer controlling substances, a plant textile that absorbs the carcinogenic substance and assists to release them to the outside of the body.  The patches also contain 2% chitosan, 53% bamboo sap, 13% wood vinegar, 10% eucalyptus, 2% ionic (absorbable) tourmaline minerals that contain far infrared rays which resonate with the same long wavelength of water in the body, sound and symbolic healing frequencies, 2% saururus chenesis which was the first plant to grow at the atomic bomb site in Hiroshima, 2% fermented adjusting starches, and 2% houttuynia cordata, a potent antibacterial agent. The dried pasture sap in Lymphatic Patches has a strong sterilizing power, detoxification, infiltration and absorption qualities. They can assist in reducing toxin levels, and to help health & disease concerns.



Eastern medical study for hundreds of years holds the view that toxins go downwards in the body during the day with gravity & pile up from the tips of the toes to the ankles. Eastern medicine also understands that toxic accumulation leads to many degenerative diseases. There is another Asian expression that says aging comes from the foot.

The feet, being extremities furthest from the heart, have the hardest job of pumping blood carrying toxins back up to the heart, kidneys, lungs & liver and out through skin for natural excretion from the body. Accumulated fluids and toxins can cause painful swelling around the ankles with poor blood circulation. The feet are considered the second heart, or an abbreviated version of the body, with over 62 acupuncture pts on the soles relating to the major organs in the body.  Generally, the top third of the foot relates to the top third of the body organs, the arch relates to the center of the body and the heel to the lower third of the body.

 When lying horizontally, the body fluids gather in the head and toes. Toxins that are heavier tend to sink to the lower part of the body when standing during the day and normally accumulate around the feet with gravity. There is an acupuncture point in the sole of the foot called yong chwean which in Mandarin means gushing water spring. Excess toxins and moisture from the body will be excreted into the patches at this acupuncture point.  The all-natural dry ingredients in the patches are adhered like a big band aid to the soles of the feet overnight, when the body detoxifies. Depending on the individual, the detox may be for two or three days to two or three weeks, or longer in the case of more severe disease. The patches warm up to open the pores to draw and absorb the accumulated wastes from osmotic pressure through the skin from the blood and lymph systems.

 You assess the used patches yourself in the morning – they can be brown, wet and gooey. In the case of extreme toxicity such as people with cancer, they may be black and soggy with considerable foul stench and pull out more moisture than the capacity of the patches to absorb. The darker the color, the more fluid toxins are excreted. White crystals can represent uric acid, green – copper, orange – asbestos.  Progressively, the patches will become lighter and drier as they remove more toxins.  It is recommended that the patches be used for a minimum of 2 weeks, nightly. 


Lymphatic Patches can be attached to other parts of the body and acupuncture points, where there are pains, health issues or swelling to help remove toxins from the area, but they should always be applied to the soles of the feet as well for maximum detoxification. There may not be as much moisture removed from other parts of the body.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. As in all health situations qualified professionals should be consulted.


$15 ea -   Each box contains 10 Patches and adhesive pads. 

(11-20 pkgs are $13 ea, 21+ pkgs are $11 ea)=  

Shipping & Handling:    $3.00 for 1st box , $1.00 for each additional box              

Lymphatic Foot Patches

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